Who is Hope Macaulay?

Hi! My name is Hope Macaulay and I am 25 years old from the beautiful North Coast of Northern Ireland. I began my namesake contemporary luxury fashion brand when I graduated from Fashion & Textile Design at University in 2018. 

I am heavily involved in the creation process and the running of Hope Macaulay the brand, from designing prints to the creation of knitwear pieces to answering your customer emails and creating social media posts! Please see my About the brand page to find out more about my brand, my inspirations and my latest Q&A on our Instagram story highlights!

Where and how are your garments produced?

We create my garments all over Northern Ireland, by a small team of knitters and seamstresses – and also myself! We strongly believe in high quality, made-to-order, handmade garments, shopping small and supporting local women in our community. To meet our wonderful knitters, check out our Instagram story BTS highlights!

What is made-to-order? How long will my garments take to be created?

All our garments are handmade to order in small quantities and will take between 14-28 days to create especially for you. Made-to-order means we only create a garment when it has been ordered by one of our customers. This reduces waste and also means that we can create special custom garments specifically for you. 

About our biodegradable nylon collection

Our biodegradable nylon collection has been designed to be planet friendly and vegan friendly. Using new and innovative technology (the first of it’s kind), this collection biodegrades in around 5 years when disposed of in landfills, compared to more than 50 years for synthetics in general. This reduces the environmental impact and the amount of waste left to future generations. The yarn has also been manufactured by recycling processed water.

About our merino wool collection

Our merino wool is a natural, renewable, biodegradable fibre which has a super buttery soft feel. Merino wool biodegrades in less than a year when disposed of in landfills, which majorly reduces the environmental impact and the amount of waste left to future generations. 

What does biodegrade mean?

About 90% of your merino wool or biodegradable nylon Hope Macaulay piece will biodegrade after landfilling. They are turned into organic matter (biomass) and biogas which can become new resources for the environment, as well as being used for combined heat and power production.

How does the biodegradable nylon work? What are the necessary conditions for its biodegradation?

The chemical structure of synthetic fibres, generally speaking, does not allow for bacterial penetration, which makes the degradation process more complex and slower. Our nylon collection on the other hand, is produced using enhanced polyamide, which – under landfill conditions – facilitates access and digestion of waste material by bacteria, thus accelerating the biodegradation process.

The biodegradation properties only become apparent under landfill conditions, where there is no oxygen and bacteria specifically in charge of anaerobic decomposition are found. Therefore it does not decompose after standard use and this product’s lifecycle is the same as that of traditional polyamide yarns.

Is your merino wool ethically sourced?

Our merino wool is responsibly sourced and RWS certified. This means that it comes from farms which are inspected and meet not only the 5 freedoms criteria, but also further welfare standards for their animals such as no mulesing. They also are inspected with regards to their working environment as well as their land management and environmental impact to ensure that all they are doing is in keeping with the RWS requirements. The RWS is a voluntary standard, so farms apply to be part of it and are only accepted if they reach the correct standards.

How do I care for my Hope Macaulay knitwear piece?

Please see our How to care page for more information.

Do you create custom orders, for example, custom sizes or custom colour ways?

Yes! We can create custom sizing so it fits exactly how you would like - just write your sizing/measurements in the notes at checkout! Please see our Size guide page for more information on sizing. 

We can also create custom colourway orders with the colours we have available. To discuss your custom order, please email hope@hopemacaulay.com for more information. 

I would like to exchange/return my order. How can I do this?

Please see our Returns page for more information.

I have noticed some very small variations in my garment's print placement/knitwear piece compared to the one photographed, why is this?

Due to the handmade and made-to-order nature of the garments, each piece may vary ever so slightly – but don't worry, it may not even be noticeable! Any variations or unevenness in the design are characteristics of their handmade nature should be considered an asset. This is what we love about them!

If you have anymore questions, please feel free email hope@hopemacaulay.com for more information