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At Hope Macaulay, we pioneer and create mindful, feel-good knitwear pieces, which are totally handmade to order by our team of talented local knitters in our home of Northern Ireland. 

Hope Macaulay is a female run, contemporary luxury fashion brand founded by young textiles designer Hope, from the beautiful North Coast of Northern Ireland. 

Hope graduated from University in 2018 and by 2020, Hope Macaulay emerged as an inspiring, slow fashion, global brand, hailed by the fashion world as dopamine dressing with a loyal following on social media. Hope has also been named on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Hope is best known for her creation of our signature statement piece: the Colossal Knit Jacket. Just by using her hands, Hope has developed and trained her knitters in the unique style of knit (using no knitting needles!), her favourites created from sustainably sourced materials such as luxury merino wool and vegan biodegradable nylon. 

Hope Macaulay garments are created mindfully and hand knit by our talented team of 20 local knitters, who work from home across Northern Ireland - we are so proud of this! We strongly believe in supporting local women in our community and having a close relationship with our supply chain. 

Hope's creations are imagined from a world in which you may find in your dreams, inspired by her fascination with surrealism. The garments are wearable pieces of art, that are bold and vivid experiences, each telling a dream-like story. 

Hope's energetic and surreal garments have been featured on the front cover of GQ and Harper's Bazaar, Vogue’s '6 New Names in Summer Knitwear to Obsess Over', Elle, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, CR Fashion Book and the New York Times ‘Designers Who Are Making Knitwear Cool’. 

Hope's garments have also been seen on Black Pink’s Lisa, Gigi Hadid, Naomi Osaka, Rosalía, Anne Marie, Halsey, Hailee Steinfeld and Jennifer Hudson.