Pre-Fall 19 "Knits of Paradise" is a ready-to-wear knitwear collection created entirely from 100% merino wool. Inspired by creating a tropical knitwear paradise with dreamy knits, surreal patchwork and innovative design techniques, "Knits of Paradise" garments have been made with high quality colourful merino wool and sustainability in mind. 

The concept of creating a fantasy world with the contrast between surreal knitwear and a tropical paradise was inspired by Hope's fascination with the cosmos; the complex, vast and mysterious universe and the cosmos flower, which in Greek means orderly, beautiful, and ornamental. Mixing these ideas together created the “Knits of Paradise” Pre-Fall 19 collection.

Merino wool is a high quality, natural and biodegradable material, which has been appreciated as one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to humankind. From using her hands and needles, Hope develops unique and exuberant chunky knitwear pieces, all of which are designed and handmade in Ireland. 

The "Knits of Paradise" Pre-Fall 19 collection is filled with unique mixed stitch and felt transitioning pieces, which purpose is to be worn in summer through to fall.