Named by the Irish Times one of the top 50 people to watch in 2019, Hope Macaulay is a bold new luxury and bespoke fashion brand by an emerging Northern Irish fashion and textiles designer based in Portstewart, Northern Ireland. Hope's collections have been seen at London Fashion Week, Salon International, Graduate Fashion Week, New Designers and Pure London Trade Show.

S/S 19 Catwalk Collection

"Hope Macaulay's S/S 19 "A Surreal Rome" Catwalk Collection is not a representation of reality but a world in which you may find in your dreams..

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"Mixing different textiles, textures and techniques is my favourite thing to do! I always love to add more, experiment, try new things and develop my techniques. I feel like there is a never ending number of creative techniques that you can apply when creating textiles and prints. I am the type of designer who loves to experiment, get stuck in and learn by doing." - Hope Macaulay

Inspired by a scary hallucinatory experience at the dentist when she was given 'laughing gas' as a child, Hope developed a fascination with the mind, distortion, the meaning of reality and the art of surrealism. 

A/W 19 Ready-To-Wear

"Hope Macaulay's ready-to-wear collection inspired by her catwalk collection "A Surreal Rome" and is filled with wearable colourful colossal knits, expressive collaged paintings as prints and detailed beadings..

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 Hope's colourful colossal knits are handmade in Ireland from 100% jumbo merino wool, a high quality, natural and sustainable material, which has been appreciated as one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to humankind. Just from using her hands and needles, Hope develops unique and exuberant chunky knitwear pieces, one of which was named one of "The Best Street Style at London Fashion Week" by British Vogue.

"Various silks and satins are my favourite fabrics for my prints. I love how they are soft, luxurious and really bring out the vibrant colours in my artwork. I also love jumbo merino wool to make hand knitted chunky knits. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was young, so I carried on and developed different knitting techniques in my projects at school and university. I love how you have a ball of wool and create it into a whole new garment by just using your hands. This is the same for my love of ceramic making – a slab of clay can be made into something beautiful and unique." - Hope Macaulay

Pre-Fall 19 Knitwear Collection

Hope Macaulay's Pre-Fall 19 "Knits of Paradise" is a ready-to-wear knitwear collection created entirely from 100% merino wool. Inspired by creating a tropical knitwear paradise with dreamy knits, surreal patchwork and innovative design techniques..

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Hope creates large expressive collaged paintings and transforms them into prints, combined with detailed beadings and colossal knits to create her garments. She also creates her own embellishments, inspired by her passion for ceramic making, using colourful clay and various fabrics and beads combined together. Hope Macaulay garments are wearable pieces of art, that are busy, bold and colourful experiences, each telling a surreal story.

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